Letter from the Chairman and President

During 2014 The Achelis and Bodman Foundations made grants totaling $4.2 million to over 100 institutions.

Although the Foundations are relatively small, we have always supported a broad variety of institutions rather than choosing to focus narrowly on one or two fields. In part this reflects the richness of New York's not-for-profit sector, with hundreds of strong potential grantees. We try to engage with as many of these as our budget allows. Sometimes our broad focus has allowed us to be early in an emerging area. A prime example of this is our support in the area of charter schools where the Foundations were among the first institutional funders in New York. On other occasions we have provided an early grant to a young organization trying to advance a founder's vision to an enduring institution.

Much of our recent grantmaking has been in education. We also have supported innovative private efforts in employment, health, and the arts. The list of grants on this website will give you a fuller picture of our interests.

We would like to thank John Krieger, our executive director, for his hard work in identifying the organizations we have supported. We would also like to thank our fellow Trustees who contribute considerable time and wisdom to the works of the Foundations.

John N. Irwin III

Russell P. Pennoyer

March 2015